In order to ensure your move goes well, all of your possessions need to be packed in boxes in order to protect them during transit. For a typical move, we will pack your house on the first day and move you on the second day. Some customers decide to pack themselves (which is fine); however, we encourage you to be sure that everything is completely packed. Doing this will save us time and you money.

Packing Services

Titan will pack your house the day before we move you. We work methodically from room to room in order to box all of your packable items. We are diligent about labeling the box with the destination of your possessions in the new house in order to make your move day (the second day) go as efficiently as possible. See below for a summary of our packing services.

Small Boxes

We pack books and other heavy, small items in these boxes. The size of these boxes make it manageable to carry the weight of your Encyclopedia Britannica collection (pre-internet) or your extensive CD collection (pre-iPod)!

Medium Boxes

Medium boxes are used to pack medium-sized items (obviously) and fragile items. For fragile objects, we use paper to create a buffer on all sides in order to protect them during the move.

Large Boxes

We primarily use large boxes to pack overstuffed, lightweight items such as pillows, linens, blankets, etc.

Dish Packs

We pack kitchen items (plates, glasses, etc.) and your prized china collection in "Dish Packs." These boxes are specially designed to handle layers of fragile items and the weight of a full box.


We use bins to pack miscellaneous items and large pieces furniture that need the cardboard support. Examples of the latter include antique, wooden chairs and drop-leaf tables.

Bubble Wrap

Who doesn't like the sound of popped bubble wrap? We don't - because we realize popped bubble wrap is ineffective! We use small and large-diameter bubble wrap for those fragile items that need a cushion of air.

Moving Services

In addition to packing your household possessions, Titan takes great care to ensure that your furniture gets transported safely to your new house. See below for a list of what you can expect on move day.

Furniture Pads

We securly wrap all of your furniture in moving quilts. This protects the exterior of the piece and allows for a damage-free ride in the truck. You will be impressed with our hospital corners!

Shrink Wrap

We wrap all couches and cushioned sofa chairs in shrink wrap. This protects the fabric from tears and scratches and allows us to easily manuever it by freshly painted walls.

Wardrobe Boxes

Titan packs your closet clothes using wardrobe boxes. These boxes allow us to efficiently tranport an entire closet without taking any items off a hanger!

Mattress Bags

Your beds cannot be transported in one piece, but we are experts at disassembling them and putting them back together in your new house. We protect your mattress and boxspring by wrapping them in mattress bags.

Electronics Disassembly

We are competent with disassembling computer equipment and entertainment systems and will set it up the same way in your new house.

Picture Boxes

We have specially-dimensioned boxes for pictures. Whether it's glass or canvas, we can transport it.